Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


To be a preferred water solutions company for domestic and agricultural sector across the world by virtue of its vision, techno-pioneering spirit, reliable technology and a growth-focused, customer-centric approach.


To work relentlessly towards the company’s vision. To reach out to customers across sectors and geographic domains. To build prosperous partnerships across the world. To set new standards in pumping solutions and to respond efficiently to world’s water and energy challenges.

The Roadmap

  • To have a turnover of Rs. 1000 Crore by 2019-20
  • To have comprehensive presence in the Indian Submersible Pump market
  • To be leader in Agriculture Submersible Pump market by 2019-20
  • To be world’s leading 4” Oil Filled & Water Filled pump manufacturing company
  • To give defect-less products and become a world-class pump company
  • Through R&D, develop new designs and products to cater to the requirements of changing customer needs and opportunities
  • To improve and develop world-class health & safety standards and welfare activities, and offer growth opportunities to people.


At La-Gajjar we are driven by the spirit of innovation that makes a difference. We genuinely believe that we are more than a manufacturing company. We are a company that is adding value to water, the lifeline of the world. This drives us to create reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world.

We value our work

We take pride in doing what we do. We strive to create pumps of the highest quality to deliver ample of water to homes, factories and farms across the word. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver solutions that save water, and give maximum output at the lowest input, thereby saving electricity and contributing to a greener world.

We value our customers

We take pride in living up to the expectations of our customers because in their success lies our success. We partner our customers through a plethora of pumps that suits their needs and back it with excellent service support. Their satisfaction remains the focal point of our business.

We value our employees

People are at the core of Varuna Pumps’ philosophy. We have a work culture that enables our employees to take ownership, leadership and responsibilities. This synergistic approach enables us to work as a cohesive team that serves, delights and adds value to our customers’ lives.